How to Minimize Mental Clutter

How to Minimize Mental Clutter

See Also: 11 Ways to Calm Your Overactive Mind In this life, there will be people who do you wrong. There will be mistakes made along the way and instances

31 Of The Sexiest Flexible Girls On The Planet

31 Of The Sexiest Flexible Girls On The Planet

A new era in perfection has arrived. I’ll bet you can’t guess the honest to God best thing about girls who are super flexible. It’s the really kinky sex. Actually,

Let’s Dance: 10 Amazing Dances From Around the World to Get Your Body Moving

Traveling around the world we will experience different cultures. While food, language and architecture show you the culture’s history, music and dance showcase it through movement. Get your best dance

Are Millennials as Stupid as We Think They Are?

TribecaFilm Millennials. What image does that word conjure up for you? Do you think of a flighty, selfish, soft bunch who have lost the ability to concentrate thanks to their

11 Ways To Recharge When You’re Exhausted

There are some days where you just tossed and turned the night before, and wake up feeling groggy and puffy-eyed. You come in to work and beg for anything that’’ll

Whole Foods Is Opening Chain With Lower Prices

Same quality, lower prices. Whole Foods announced that they will be opening a sister chain of markets that are cheaper and cater to Millennials. You know, those who have to

You Can Now Buy Flasks That Look Like Classic Nintendo Cartridges

Introducing a whole new way to beat your high score. I’ve just discovered the perfect gift for the old-school gamer and part-time alcoholic in your life. After a successful Kickstarter

How to Pamper Yourself After a Busy Day at the Office

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17 Of The Hottest Girls In Glasses!

Here’s to glasses. They’ve gone from not so cool in elementary school to earning a reputation for being the sexiest accessory of them all. Sure, you might have some sort

12 Workouts That Don’t Feel Like Working Out

Exercising can feel like a drag, but it’s something that we need to fit into our schedules as responsible adults. But who says that you have to feel like a

4 Reasons Why Venting To Your Friends About Your Relationship Can Cause Its Demise

It’s Your Relationship; Not Theirs Every relationship has its issues, and while it is tempting at times to call up your friends for advice, oftentimes this will lead to more

How Protein World is Leading The Fitness Revolution

It doesn’t matter if you’re a gym rat, a runner, a swimmer, a professional football player, a busy soccer mom, Protein World has got you covered. Protein World provides the

6 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in October

Do you need an excuse to party like it’s 1999? Or do you celebrate life every day, regardless of whether it’s an actual holiday? No matter what side of the

Misguided Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is a hard, hard game. No one can predict what will work, and what won’t. Anyone who says otherwise is either a liar, delusional, or both. Marketing execs and

98 Raw Foods Cut Into Perfect Cubes Is A Feast For The Eyes

And you thought slicing a cucumber was too labor intensive. “I’ll have the New York steak, medium-rare… with broccoli, cheese toast and a baked potato. Oh, and I’d like each

7 Ways to Get More Out of Your Daily Commute

Some people are fortunate enough to only work a few minutes from their house, so their daily commute is short or practically nonexistent. However, if you travel 20 minutes, 30

It’s Superhero Day At Krispy Kreme And You Can Win Free Doughnuts For Life!

You have a chance to win today only! Whenever I think of a superhero, the first thing that comes to mind is… doughnuts. (Hey, cops are MY superheroes!) Lucky for

These Live Rabbits Are As Big As A Human

If children had been visited by this bunny rabbit on Easter Sunday, they may have been scarred for life… if not physically, then definitely mentally. No, that is not a

7 Things ‘Back to the Future’ Got Right About 2015

Blastr If there is one movie franchise that defined my childhood – and those of many others – it was Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future trilogy. I know that

Different Diets You Can Try

Dieting is a necessary evil to get and remain healthy. Dieting is not starving your self by skipping meals or eating nothing but rice cakes for a month straight. In