Alec Baldwin Reveals How Many More Times He'll Play Trump On 'Saturday Night Live'

Alec Baldwin Reveals How Many More Times He'll Play Trump On 'Saturday Night Live'

Alec Baldwin Reveals How Many More Times He'll Play Trump On 'Saturday Night Live'

Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump impression on “Saturday Night Live” has been yuuuuge. Despite its success, the actor has said he could step away from the role soon, and now we may know when.

Speaking with The Huffington Post at Friday’s “Stand For Rights” event to raise awareness for the ACLU, Baldwin revealed how many more times we’ll actually see him don The Don’s wig on “SNL.”

Baldwin explained, “I can’t say all the work I do is going to leave me in New York, nearby. This spring — you know, between now and the end of the season on May 20 — is the last show, I can pretty much project a good number. There’s five or six [shows]; I’ll do, like, three or four of them. If there’s five, I think I’m doing four, whatever it is, most of them I’ll do. Some of those [involve] flying in from Seattle the night before, and everything is crazy, but we’ve made it all work out because I’m committed to doing it.”

There’s five or six [shows]; I’ll do, like, three or four of them. If there’s five, I think I’m doing four.Alec Baldwin on his Trump impression

From Baldwin’s response, it looks like we’ll see him as Trump about four more times for sure. The actor already said one factor in reprising the role next season is whether people are still in the mood to laugh about things going on with the president come September, but apparently a lot has to do with his schedule, too.

“Next year, I doubt I’m going to fly back from Rome, wherever I’m shooting. I’m not quite sure I’m going to fly back from Rome to do ‘SNL,’” said Baldwin. “But we’ll see.” 

The actor said he originally only took the part because a movie he was going to work on fell through.

“So I picked up the phone, I called Lorne [Michaels], and I said, ‘I’m Trump,’ and I wonder if I made the right move!” said Baldwin.

Since then, he’s grown to enjoy it. Though, he added, “At the same time, you always wonder how much do people … how much more will people want that. You never know.” 

For now (with the exception of President Trump), people want it, the actor said — even treating Baldwin like he “cured polio.”

“I want to be very clear,” the actor explained. “I don’t feel that way, but people will walk up to me — I can’t get over how effusive they are. ‘Thank you!’ Every age, every shape, size.”

When asked to pick a successor for the Trump impression, the actor said, “Better people will have to answer that question. I have no idea.”

Whether he’s playing the president or not, the actor will stay active. Baldwin says he wanted to come to the “Stand for Rights” benefit to speak out against voter suppression and help to ensure everyone who’s eligible to vote can do so. The actor says complacency contributed to Trump ending up in the White House in the first place, along with a number of other factors, including the ineffectiveness of Clinton’s campaign.

“I have the deepest admiration for Hillary Clinton, but I don’t think the best Hillary Clinton showed up for the fight. I do not think the best Hillary Clinton came to fight … she dropped the ball.”

Baldwin reiterates the idea that Trump in office is a chance to “redefine ourselves as a democracy.”

“This maniac as president, this guy is the least qualified guy. George W. Bush is Adlai Stevenson compared to this guy. And here is … this guy is president. I think everybody really gets that we just cannot handle this as capriciously as we’ve done in the past,” said Baldwin.

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Published at Tue, 04 Apr 2017 16:35:57 +0000