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    A playwright and author of more than 50 teen novels, including the best-selling "Life in the Fat Lane," Cherie shares her knowledge and wisdom through her weekly advice column. Who says teens have to be troubled? In the past five years she has read and answered more than 10,000 letters from America’s teen-agers. No MTV-too-cool-to-live attitude — just real American teen-agers telling the truth about their lives and looking for some answers.
    "I care about and respect them," says Cherie. "I’m their greatest advocate. But I also hold them to the standards to which I believe, deep down, most teens want to be held. And those standards are high indeed. So when adults tell me, ‘I wish your column had been around when I was a kid,’ and teens tell me, ‘You’re an adult who really gets it,’ I know I’m getting it right."

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