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    Nearly everyone is fascinated by the grandeur and mystery of the cosmos, yet many believe its study is beyond the grasp of "mere mortals."
    Since its inception in 1992, "Stargazers" has worked to dispel this myth by providing practical, down-to-earth previews of amazing celestial events and activities, as well as insights into how the heavens have influenced our history and culture. (For example, did you know that France, Germany and Italy owe their existence to a solar eclipse? Or that words such as "catastrophe" and "consider," as well as the days of the week, have their roots in the stars?)
    Our planet’s future is highly dependent on science and technology, yet science literacy and critical-thinking abilities are on the decline. "Stargazers" provides newspaper readers with the opportunity to experience firsthand the excitement and fun of cosmic discovery, and it also offers a natural and necessary antidote to the pseudoscience so prevalent in our society today.
    It demonstrates to readers the meaning of the profound words of Dr. Albert Einstein: "The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking."

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