WHY IS THIS HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC Top 10 Causes of Cancer That We Use Daily!

WHY IS THIS HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC Top 10 Causes of Cancer That We Use Daily!

The pharmaceutical industry is keeping secrets regarding to cancer in order to make profit and increase it year after year. Here is an intriguing list of ten causes of cancer:

WHY IS THIS HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC Top 10 Causes of Cancer That We Use Daily!

  1. Hormones in meat and milk:

Nowadays domestic animals are given many artificial hormones for the sake of producing more milk, meat and similar. These artificial hormones after provoke inflammations, cancer and other diseases.

  1. Mammography, dental X-rays, scanners at the airport:

Yes, all these rays are deadly and are a cause for cancer. So next time make sure to tell the mammography technician to pass the protective switches across your chest.

  1. Aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants

Studies have shown stunning results of deodorants filled with aluminum and their relation with breast cancer. They are usually applied near the armpit right where most of breast cancers occur and instead make sure to use some organic deodorants.

  1. Toxic cosmetics

Many cosmetic products contain petroleum and coal tar and they are toxic. Skin is our largest organ and has a very important role. So every time we cover it these toxins are easily getting in the bloodstream creating an environment perfect for cancer and other illnesses. Organic or homemade cosmetics are the best and you should start utilizing them.

  1. GMO soy and corn:

Most if not all the soy in America is GMO, so this is more than a reason for you to switch to something else like organic milk (cow, goat, rice milk etc). For example soy milk contains hemagglutinin, a dangerous compound which transforms the red corpuscles into clots.

  1. Artificial sweeteners

Refined sugar is as dangerous as GMO, especially if the sugar beets are genetically modified. Refined sugar increases the blood sugar and breaks down insulin levels. Sugars like fructose found in some beverages are well known carcinogens. Such beverages acidify the body, thus creating an environment for the cancer to thrive. Keep away from such drinks and lower the intake of refined sugars.

  1. Fluoridated water

Fluoride is used for killing the germs and bacteria in water but it also washes the minerals away from our bodies which are crucial for the immune system. That is why we should drink spring water.

  1. Drugs, vaccines

Look for a doctor that you can trust to, who will give you advice about a lifestyle and nutrition as prevention of cancer. Stay away from drugs from the Big Pharma sound names with the same aim to make profit and that you disease is of great interest.

  1. Canned Goods

Many products such as plastic bottles, thermal paper, some dental composites, and more contain bisphenol-A (BPA), a compound which scientifically has been proven to genetically alter the brain cells of rats.

  1. Commercial soaps, shampoos, tooth pastes, creams

All the products we use for skin, hair or mouth end up in our bloodstream. Perfumes, hair color, tooth paste, face creams containing suspicious substances are all substances that can cause cancer. Make sure to buy organic and natural cosmetics. There is a saying If you would not eat it, do not use it on your skin!

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