What to Do in a House Fire

House fire is the most devastating thing a person can experience. The most important thing to do when your house is on fire is to stay calm so that your mind works properly and you can save your family as well as your belongings. Dealing with fire is a traumatic moment as it can destroy your property as well as take away lives of your loved ones. Hence, you need to stay focused and act promptly.

What to Do in a House FireHere are some important things that you should do when there is fire in your home:

  • Call for help: Ring an alarm if you have one handy, or yell and call for help. Inform everyone in the house that it is on fire so that they can try to get out of the house as soon as possible. Tell them to scream and inform the neighbors.
  • Use fire extinguishers: Try to stop the fire by using fire extinguishers. However, it is important to note that fire extinguishers have their limits, so try to stop the fire only if it has not grown or spread all over the house. In case the fire has spread everywhere, then use the fire extinguisher to make way for you to escape.
  • Come out of the house at the earliest: If the fire has spread everywhere, then crawl and try to reach the nearest exit. Crawling will help you to breathe better. You can even cover your mouth and nose with a wet cloth to avoid suffocation.
  • Help your family out: Elders and kids should be helped to escape the house at the earliest. If there are small kids in the room, then carry them out.
  • Call for the fire department: Fire department can help in dousing the fire as soon as possible so that some of your belongings are saved.

Once everyone of your family is safe, you should call for your insurance company. They will inspect the house and pay for the restoration work. “The sooner you contact them, the quicker they will help you to process the claim” advises a prominent home  insurance South Florida agent.

Dealing with house fire is a frightening and depressing experience. Therefore, it is always better to prevent a house fire by taking necessary steps, rather than experiencing one. As the old saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” Hence, carry out the essential steps and stay safe with your loved ones!