Police Officers Step Up Patrol In Scripps Ranch

Police Officers Step Up Patrol In Scripps Ranch

Police are puzzled by the recent wave of burglaries at Scripps Ranch, usually one of the safest of the upscale San Diego communities. Apparently ten homes have been hit in the last year, including dormitory break-ins at Alliant University. Scripps Ranch real estate is highly prized, and residents are working closely with the police to put an end to this problem. The San Diego Police Department‘s (SDPD) Northeastern Patrol Division is responsible for the 104 square mile area surrounding Scripps Ranch. To show its serious attention to the problem, eight officers continually cruise the community at any given time.

Police Officers Step Up Patrol In Scripps RanchSo far, residents have been happy that arrests have been made and people have been convicted, but a lingering watchfulness hangs over the community. Many residents are willing to voice their determination to root out the problem. One resident, Jim Tomey, said “It’s like an epidemic in this community, which has always been noted for being a family community. It’s got people very aware and hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of this, find out who these people are.”

Residents have beefed up the Neighborhood Watch program, and the emails fly whenever something suspicious is underfoot. Residents have learned to take sensible precautions, like leaving their garage doors closed. Community spirit, already high, has actually increased as residents keep their eyes trained on each others’ property. The Watch keeps a list of over 1,400 emails addresses of residents. Thwarted attempts at burglary get a lot of attention, as do successful attempts.

In a related development, more than 20 cars were smashed and damaged recently in an overnight crime spree in Scripps Ranch. According to police, the cars were parked along Hilbert Street and adjoining parking lots. One witness claimed to see a man run from the scene into a Honda Civic at around 3:30 a.m. The recent hiccup in crime has not affected the ratings of the local school district, which remain very high. The fact remains that Scripps Ranch homes for sale are considered a prime choice for families looking for high-quality schools and convenient recreational facilities. Police feel that it is only a matter of time before the vandals responsible for the latest shenanigans are caught and convicted. Between the heightened scrutiny being provided by the SDPD and the close working relationships among the members of the Scripps Ranch Community Watch, residents are looking forward to putting these unfortunate events behind them and getting on with their lives.