Number 1 Rust Remover for 2010

Number 1 Rust Remover for 2010

Evapo- Rust was created in the year 2000 by Harris International Labs Inc. This ground-breaking rust remover was named as number one by in the year 2010. It was also granted the title of Top New Technology in Industrial Cleaning (CleanTech), as well as one of the Top 100 Inventions of the Year (Research and Development Magazine). Both achievements came in the year 2001, just one year after the patent application was submitted for review.

Best Rust RemoverThe detergents within Evapo-Rust can help remove contaminants on the surface of the product being treated. It can also remove oxide finishes on steel. It works by using a chelation process. During this process, molecules bond with iron and then withdraw it from iron oxide, thereby taking with it the rusted surface. With a flammability and reactivity rating of zero, Evapo-Rust poses very little in the way of danger. Evapo-Rust is also non-toxic and can even be disposed of without concern; it is safe for sewers. Because the project does not contain solvents, bases or other dangerous ingredients, it will not harm or irritate the skin.

This product works by immersing the rusted steel in the Evapo-Rust liquid. It may take anywhere from several minutes to several hours depending on the amount of rest present on the steel object. After the solution has done its job, the item should be rinsed with water and checked over for additional rust. If additional rust is present, the steel object should then be left in the solution yet again. This is the best way to guarantee adequate results. You can also use Evapo-Rust to prevent future rusting by covering the steel item in the solution and then allowing it to dry. Using this method, you can prevent rust for up to 14 days.

Evapo-Rust is a revolutionary product that uses a chelation process different than other products on the market. It is safe and simple to use and up to 300 pounds of steel can be treated with just 1 gallon of the solution. Evapo-Rust works on steel with even a very heavy amount of rust. It can be used to remove rust on weaponry, automobile parts, tools and nearly anything else made of steel. Because of its non-volatile ingredients, there is no worry about it affecting or harming PVC, aluminum, plastic, and even many types of paint. Evapo-Rust is certainly a product that can be put to good use.