John Lennon 30th Anniversary

John Lennon 30th Anniversary

A whole generations will be aware of the special significance of 8 December 1980. It’s impossible to believe that 30 years have passed since John’s death. It’s even harder to accept the fact that his creatove life was cut so short. One can only imagine the many albums, films, writings and other artistic output the world is never going to see. The thing about John Lennon was his constant evolution, his unwillingness to accept pat answers from his elders and from those in power. A responsible rebel, if ever there was one.

John LennonWhat we are left with are truly amazing memories. such as watching the process of John’s maturation from his first band gigs to his final albums. His intelligence and passion alone would have made the Beatles a successful band, but coupled with the considerable talents of the other three, they were for a time the brightest lights and hottest flames in the universe.

Many of us have visited Strawberry Fields in Central Park. The desire to really connect with John and his ideas only seems to get stronger as time passes. Many of his albums have enjoyed continued sales over the last three decades, and prices for personal belongings have rocketed. An autographed album cover or photo inevitably fetches high bids at auctions. For those of us with normal means, there are many items on this 30th Anniversary from which to choose: songbooks, poetry books, t-shirts, mugs, jackets, calendars, vintage vinyl albums, publicity photos… the list is endless. 30th anniversaries seem to bring an especially high degree of interest. Perhaps enough time has passed to balance the pain of the loss with the appreciation of the gifts.

Events over the 30th anniversary have been established to help his fans remember the man and discover the many ways to keep his memory alive. For instance, you’ll find websites devoted to a wide selection of Lennon/Beatles memorabilia for all budgets and tastes. For those of us lucky enough to have our own turntables, there is the opportunity to fill in the gaps in our vinyl record collection. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, nothing sounds as good as a clean vinyl pressing. Also of interest will be John’s post-Beatle albums, which show his tremendous maturity as an artist and a man. Please bookmark this page and visit often to stay up-to-date on all things John.