How to Properly Clean the Navel?

How to Properly Clean the Navel?

Navel is part of the body that we often do not pay sufficient attention to. This mark that we get after birth and cutting of the umbilical cord should be cleaned as any other part of the body. But it is good that the maintenance of umbilical hygiene is very simple, so if you have not practiced it before, now there will be no reason to neglect. The usual shower is not enough for cleaning the part of the body that is prone to collecting bacteria (there are over 65 different types). The navel needs to be kept clean as follows:How to Properly Clean the Navel

If your navel is on the inside: clean it once a week with ears buds which are soaked in a mixture of water and soap, and you can wipe it with alcohol.

But if your belly bulges: weekly wipe it with a cloth dipped in a mixture of water and soap.

Why is it important to keep the navel clean?

Since it collects and accumulates a lot of dirt, can develop an infection accompanied by redness, itching, skin irritation and odor.

If you already have an infection in your navel, and you are not able to remove it with these cleaning tips, contact your doctor or a dermatologist directly.