House Explodes Sending Garage Door 80 Feet

House Explodes Sending Garage Door 80 Feet

A man in San Diego, California was rushed to the emergency room in critical condition last Monday when his rented house exploded and caused him life-threatening injuries. The police and fire investigators were quick on the scene, and determined the blast was set off by the ignition of gas or some similar form of vapor. However, the vapor’s source is still unknown. A San Diego fireman told local reporters that you could see the fireworks from five miles away.

police line: do not crossIt took six fire crews to get control of the flames. The fire consumed the garage and most of the house. The local hydrants were insufficient to the task, and pumping tankers had to be brought in to douse the blaze. The explosion sent the garage door flying a good 80 feet in the air, landing in a nearby swimming pool and doing major damage to the pool’s structure. No one was in the pool area at the time. Divers pulled the door out of the pool for testing. The San Diego garage door forensic investigator, Dr. Frank Hebert, said the explosion definitely came from a point immediately inside the garage. The door had been closed at the time of the blast. Dr. Hebert pointed to the pattern left by the blast on the door and the overall concave shape to verify that the explosion emanated from within the garage. This ruled out a bombing or terrorist attack of some sort.

The tenant, a Mr. Sydney Jameson, was found lying on the grass outside his home suffering from second- and third-degree burns. Both legs were broken, but it’s still not clear how the injuries occurred. The victim’s fiancee and her daughter, both residing at the rented house, escaped uninjured. The fiancee, Shaneesha Wexner, explained to reporters: “We was asleep when I heard the loudest boom I ever heard. I thought a plane had crashed into the house or something. I tried to wake up Sydney, but I guess he had passed out. I got my daughter and we ran out just in time to see the garage burning. Then the house started to catch fire. We ran, and I guess Sydney must have jumped out the bedroom window”.

Jameson rents the house from Robert Pincus, who runs a San Diego property management company. Mr. Pincus expressed his shock and dismay, saying he and his family had lived in the house for over two decades without incident. The local church has taken up a collection for Mr. Jameson and a special prayer service is scheduled for next Sunday. Mr. Pincus told reporters: “Sydney is a great guy, we all pray he’ll pull through.”