Hazards Of A Cabby

Hazards Of A Cabby

For safe, economical transportation, nothing beats a good old-fashioned cheap cab. However, from time to time, stories pop up in the news that give the taxi industry heartburn. These stories usually involve some sort of violence, most often when a passenger threatens a driver. I would like to point out that cab drivers are trained to defuse potentially violent events and not play heroes. Nonetheless, the world is full of crazies and many of them like to take cabs. Here are some recent stories that caught my eye:Taxi

  • Utica, New York: They arrested a woman for criminal weapon possession, menacing, and marijuana possession after she threatened a cab driver with a box cutter. At the time, the woman was yelling to someone on her cell phone when the cabbie asked her to keep the noise down. She pulled the cutter from her bra and attacked. The police were called and thankfully no one was hurt.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada: An older driver had a knife put to his throat by a young passenger. Upon arrival, the passenger asked for change of a $50 bill, and then accosted the driver to steal his bankroll. The robber took the money and ran, oblivious to the fact that the entire event was being caught on the cab’s surveillance video. They have a good description of the robber and police are actively searching for him.
  • Tukwila, Washington: A cab driver reported he picked up a passenger with a gunshot wound. State troopers and medics pulled the cab over and apprehended the passenger, who had been shot locally. The victim will not cooperate with police, but a suspect has been pulled in for questioning.
  • Cincinnati, Ohio: A taxi cab robbery languished for six months until the police were able locate the suspect using DNA evidence. The suspect used a .44 caliber Martin rifle in the robbery, and then subsequently dumped the weapon not far from the scene. The Police K-9 Unit picked up the trail and found the weapon along with the suspect’s jacket. He’s been charged with aggravated robbery and also felony cocaine possession from an earlier incident.
  • Charleston, South Carolina: An argument between a cheap cab driver and passenger escalated when the passenger tried to choke the driver. Police were able to apprehend the perp and charges were pressed.

Remember, cabbies sometimes face mortal danger, so be nice to them and leave large tips.