Copper Plumbing Found Stolen From Home

Copper Plumbing Found Stolen From Home

In my over 40 years as a Los Angeles plumber, I’ve never seen it so bad. I remember the days when we could leave our copper pipes on the sidewalk for days at a time and nothing would ever be stolen. Nowadays, we have thieves going into homes and ripping out existing copper pipe in order to sell it – probably so that they can afford their next drug score. Well, whatever the motivations, I think the police have to treat this problem seriously. ‘This expensive, disruptive, and when we are dealing with gas pipe, more than a wee bit dangerous.

Copper Plumbing Found Stolen From HomeTake the case of a local carpenter who shows up one morning at the house he’s renovating. The house, being vacant, was a thief’s dream. Somebody made off with 200 feet of copper plumbing from the basement ceiling. Apparently, the guy actually removed an outer basement window, and then smashed the inner window to get in. He destroyed the ceiling tiles and framing around the pipes. It was a total disaster. Now, I’d like to meet the swine who paid for the copper – he knows it was stolen. This bespeaks an unimaginable moral breakdown within our society.

But wait, there’s more. St. Ann’s Church was broken into over a weekend and they stole the copper drain pipes! The priest called the thieves “the lowest of the low”, and that’s putting it mildly. He figures they’ll get maybe $70 for the 100 feet of copper piping, but the church will have to spend $1,000 to replace it and fix the damage. May these thieves rot in hell! If that weren’t bad enough, they hit the school down the road on the same night and stole more copper pipes. The police sergeant on the case said the thieves hit from ground level, where they would “grab onto the drain, twist it, rip it off and that’s how it’s being taken”.

Another church, Our Lady of Grace Parish, was robbed of two copper spouts. The priest heard the commotion, and it was just lucky he wasn’t hurt. Bronze is also sought after. A bronze war memorial was stolen in Staten Island. These thieves are lizards, stealing from a war memorial! The icing on the cake occurred at St. Nicholas Parish, where they took the bronze head of the patron saint. Mother Machree! I’m packing heat now, and if ever catch some hooligan robbing pipe from a church, well, he’ll be knowin’ he’s made a big mistake, sure’n begorra.