Collision Mitigation Technology

Everyone is familiar with the sickening experience of being rear-ended by another vehicle. There is the sudden lurch, the bewilderment, and then the realization of what just happened. You exit the car and inspect the damage – a crushed bumper, smashed LED taillights, etc. – and then confront the other driver. At those moments, you just wish that there was some way the collision could have been avoided. Well, your wish is getting closer to being granted, thanks to the Bendix Wingman Advanced Collision Mitigation Technology that is now available on certain Mack trucks. This technology promises to reduce rear-end collisions and improve driver safety.

Collision MitigationThe technology has become available as an option on the Pinnacle line of Mack trucks. The secret is adaptive cruise control, in which the onboard computer applies the brakes when a driver fails to maintain a safe following distance. In addition, it reduces the throttle and engages the engine retarder. The system emits a radar signal which bounces off of vehicles in front of you and is then picked up by an accompanying sensor mounted on the front of the truck. When engaged, the system emits and audible signal as it starts to slow down your forward progress. The system kicks in automatically when your speed exceeds 10 miles per hour, irrespective of whether you have engaged your cruise control system. The system detects forward obstacles whether they are stationary or moving.

The driver remains in control of the vehicle even when the system is engaged. For instance, you can apply greater pressure on the brakes and also steer away from the obstacle. Mack already offers a road stability package, so the introduction of this new technology puts Mack on the forefront of truck safety. The vehicle maker has been producing quality products for over a century. It has become one of the largest producers of heavy-duty trucks in North America. Trucks and diesel engines are assembled by Mack in the United States, which means when you buy a Mack truck, you are supporting American manufacturing.

Mack is known for its commitments to high quality, environmental-friendly designs and safety education. The truck maker is part of the Volvo Group, which also makes:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Buses
  • Construction equipment
  • Marine drive systems
  • Aerospace components
  • Heavy-diesel engines ranging from nine to 16 liters
  • Financial services

Swedish innovation and American manufacturing expertise keeps Mack Truck one-step ahead of its competitors when it comes to safety and quality.