Bmw Sales Continue To Surge

Bmw Sales Continue To Surge

2011 was BMW’s second best North American sales year on record. The American-built (in Spartanburg, SC) X3 and X5 models were especially good sellers. In fact, over 305,000 BMW and MINI vehicles were reported sold by BMW of North America in 2011, a jump of almost 15 percent over 2010 figures. Only 2007 saw greater sales results. The demand for BMW parts was also robust in 2011.

Bmw Sales Continue To SurgeLudwig Willisch, President and CEO of BMW NA, noted that sales momentum grew all year long for both BMW and MINI vehicles, filling showrooms with newly confident consumers. Willisch forecasts even better figures for 2012, especially since a new BMW 3 Series will be arriving on these shores in February, followed by other new and refreshed models later in the year.

December 2011 saw X3 sales climb 316 percent compared to December 2010, and a 358 percent increase year-to-year. X5s saw an annual sales increase of 13 percent. X6 sales were about flat for the year. The X6 is also produced in Spartanburg.

December was also a good month for BMW light truck sales, with a gain of over 82 percent (from 5,647 to 10,300 vehicles). If you combine the sales figures for all light trucks sold in North America in 2011, sales increased 55 percent, from 48,108 to 74,532 units. For the BMW brand as a whole, sales climbed by 13 percent year-over-year, from 220,115 to 247,907 vehicles. Brand sales in December jumped 15 percent, from 23,280 to 26,834 vehicles.

BMW also sells the MINI brand, which had a good year as well. December sales were up 32 percent, from 4,320 to 5,711 vehicles. Annual MINI sales increased by 26 percent to 57,511 vehicles, as compared to the 2010 figure of 45,644 vehicles sold.

The continued popularity of BMW automobiles is due not only to its reputation for performance and quality, but also to its perception as a good value. From dependable cars used by cheap cab companies to the finest luxury vehicles, BMW is second-to-none in the automotive industry when it comes to buyer loyalty and satisfaction. Most BMW owners replace their older cars with newer BMW models. Leases are also very popular among BMW enthusiasts, especially among businesses that can benefit from tax considerations. Owning or leasing a BMW is one way individuals can announce their success and sophistication. No other car on the planet drives as well as a BMW, as hundreds of thousands loyal owners will gladly confirm.