Blogging Website Celebrates Working Moms

As a professional travel writer (and mother of three), I know the difficulties of raising a family, bringing in income and having some sort of social life all at the same time. My work takes me all over the world, where I not only gather material for my travel books, but I also give writing and blogging seminars. I recently returned from Brazil, where the question was constantly raised of how to start a blog. I love this question, because it allows me to talk about my favorite blogging website, CT Working Moms. I use this site to show prospective bloggers that all it takes to start a blog is to write about a topic you know – the mechanics are easy if you supply the motivation.

CT Working Moms is the “go-to” place in Connecticut for topics related to parenting and family, from the perspective of mothers who work both inside and outside the home. Two friends started the site last fall when they both realized that the Internet wasn’t supplying them with a local forum to exchange with other mothers parenting advice or to vent frustrations. The two founders are Michelle Noehren and Danielle Elwood, who point out that many news websites do not give sufficient credit to mothers. Elwood noted that many working moms are able to use blogging as a way to give back to the community.

The site has grown to where it hosts 21 working moms who write blogs. Recognition came quickly, in the form of the Hartford Courant’s 2012 Award for Best Blog on Family/Parenting. The award has boosted traffic and dialog among users. What visitors will find is a mix of information about workplace laws, special need families and the services available to them, child development, locating daycare and many other topics.

That’s not to say that the site is all business. Fun topics include cooking, spirituality, and an op-ed section. There are even weekly prize giveaways. The main idea is to welcome all types of families without being judgmental. Same-sex parents are greeted along with everyone else – the site is a safe place for everyone who may feel isolated in their communities. As long as the stories are real, they are appreciated by readers. The site goes out of its way not to sugar-coat topics, but to give a balanced view of the challenges faced by working moms. Ellwood’s biggest goal is for more mothers to get involved with the site and make use of all it offers.