Advice On The Stock Market

Advice On The Stock Market

When the stock market goes up, there is no shortage of people and institutions eager to offer investment advice. Funny how many of them seem to disappear during a bear market. With so many sources of advice out there, how do you make sense of it all? I propose a simple strategy that separates fact from opinion.

Advice On The Stock MarketThe salient point to understand is that before you seek opinion, understand the facts. And I mean really understand them. In the stock market, there are many arcane terms and procedures that people may incorrectly assume that they understand. The method I use to tackle the factual aspects of a topic is to divide and conquer.

Break up any body of knowledge into a set of constituent parts, starting with the most basic and building from there. For instance, do you know the difference between the primary and secondary stock market? Do you know how a bid/ask spread works? How about a trailing stop? These are all concepts you must master before you even think about purchasing a single share of stock.

OK, so where do you do your research? Well, the Internet is brimming with facts and advice, some of it quite good. For the stock market, there are a whole series of investor-related articles published by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Another great source is Investopedia, which has topics for the novice and expert alike.

What if you are a dispenser of stock market advice: your business is to convert sales leads to cash-paying customers. For instance, stock brokers work on commissions.