7 Natural Ways to Treat a Hangover

7 Natural Ways to Treat a Hangover


The necessity for finding natural ways treat a hangover just goes to show that we never learn. How often do you utter the immortal words never again, only to find yourself repeating the same phrase after the latest round of celebrating, or even commiserating? Well, small consolation though it is, youre not alone, as even those who normally stick to a holistic health lifestyle, occasionally fall off the wagon as they say; the dry, parched mouth; the pounding headache, the bloodshot eyes all classic signs of having one, or more often several, too many.

Thats when we speak those words, Never again, at least until next time

Hangover Treatment # 1 Bananas

One of the top natural ways to treat hangover is to eat bananas. A common side-effect of drinking too much alcohol is that it can deplete your bodys levels of Potassium. Bananas are not only a good source of potassium, but they are also great source of complex carbohydrate too, which is why you see many sports stars snacking of bananas to top up their energy reserves.

If youre still compos mentis before you go to bed eat a banana, it will help to cushion that dreadful hung-over feeling when you wake up, and will shorten the time it takes you to start feeling more normal failing that eat one when you wake up the following morning with the tell-tale headache. If its a particularly vicious hangover, you made need to eat another couple of bananas during the course of the morning.

Hangover Treatment # 2 Honey

The next of our natural ways to treat a hangover is to dose yourself up with honey. Scientists tell us that honey, the natural gift that nature provides us with courtesy of the Honey Bee, is an excellent way of helping your body to cope with the toxicity that youve ingested by way of alcohol. It is the Fructose in the Honey (a natural sugar found in plants), which is essential in helping your body to convert the alcohol into other harmless substances. The other good thing about Fructose is that it has a lower Glycemic Index than glucose and refined sugar.

According to Dr John Townsley of the British Royal Society, the reason that hangovers are as painful as they are, is due to the fact that the alcohol is first broken down into Acetaldehyde. This is a toxic substance, and its the substance which causes the headaches and the feelings of nausea that are the tell-tale signs of hangover. As your body metabolizes the Acetaldehyde, the effects gradually begin to wear off. The faster this metabolization takes place, the quicker you recover, and Fructose fuels the process.

The other thing that Honey does is that it provides you with Potassium. As you drink more alcohol, you pee more. Each time you pee, you lose Potassium and Sodium. The more you pee, the more you lose youre dehydrating.

The most beneficial way of serving honey is to spread it on toast. This is best; (a) because you are dosing yourself back up with essential Potassium from the Honey; and (b) youre replenishing the lost Sodium through the Sodium contained in the toast.

Hangover Treatment # 3 Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm is another of the natural ways to treat a hangover or rather treating the headache that accompanies a hangover. This topical treatment comes originally from Asia, and it is made from Camphor, Clove oil, and Cajuput Oil. It can sting a little when first applied, but this soon wears off. To apply simply massage a little balm into the back of your neck and also work into your temples. It should help to soothe your headache away within a few minutes of being applied.

Hangover Treatment # 4 Mustard Bath

Mustard is known to be able to stimulate circulation and helped to draw toxins out from your body organs. Taking a mustard bath is a great way of helping to get rid of a hangover. Simply pour a bath of warm water, and empty two tablespoons of pure mustard powder into it; swirl to dissolve. Then simply lie back and immerse yourself in the bath for two minutes, before showering down with clean, warm water, then drying off.

Hangover Treatment # 5 Reflexology

Reflexology is also cited as one of the natural ways to treat a hangover. For those who know nothing about reflexology, it works in a similar way to acupuncture in as much as it is associated with certain nodal points on the body. In the case of Acupuncture, these nodal points are where you stick the needles in for diverting Qi. With reflexology, there are certain areas of your body, which, when stimulated, correspond to your internal organs.

With a hangover, it is the fact that your liver has been bombarded with alcohol and toxins that needs to be addressed. The area that corresponds with your liver, according to reflexology, is the outside edge of the right foot about halfway along between the centre of the foot and the little toe. Lightly rubbing this area is believed to stimulate the liver and to help it to expel poisons and detoxify itself.

Reflexology devotees advise that if you feel a little crunchiness in your skin texture as you are carrying out the massage, this is an indication that there is some congestion associated with the corresponding organ.

Hangover Treatment # 6 Yoga The Seated Twist

Those who practice yoga, maintain that it can be used as one of the natural ways to treat a hangover. It is recommended that The Seated Twist is the position to employ.

Sit yourself on the floor with your legs pointing straight out in front of you.

With your right leg remaining straight out in front of you, cross your left leg over your right, positioning your left foot so that it touches the floor by the outside of your right knee.

Then rotate your upper body to the left, so that you are in effect twisting around your middle. Take your right arm and move it across your body, placing your right hand onto the floor by the side of your left butt cheek. This simply helps to emphasise the twist.

Hold stance for 30 seconds, during which time you should take big breaths in and out.

Switch sides and repeat

This Seated Twist pose is designed to wring the toxins out of your liver in the same way that you might twist the water out of a sodden rag.

Hangover Treatment # 7 Water

Plain fresh water is the last way to treat hangover, but the most essential. Whilst its not an out and out cure in itself, it is essential to be taken alongside all other treatments weve recommended.

There is simply nothing better to flush your liver out and wash away the toxins than pure, clean water. It helps in several ways. It serves to rehydrate you, to wash away the toxins, to fuel urination, to fuel perspiration (another important way of getting rid of toxins), and to take away the horrible taste when you wake up the taste of the inside of a Turkish wrestlers jock-strap not I hasten to add, that Ive tasted one before, but it sounds about right and puts across the right sentiment.

The Boozers Lament

If you think youre going to drink more alcohol than you should, its always a good idea to drink a little milk before you start boozing. It doesnt treat hangover, but it can help to lessen the effect. The milk coats your stomach and delays the absorption process. This simply means that your body is not having to cope with as much alcohol as it otherwise would have to, at any one point in time. The other thing you should do is to drink a pint of pure fresh water before you go to bed.

And one last thing dont forget to say the boozers lament NEVER AGAIN!!