11 Ways To Recharge When You’re Exhausted

11 Ways To Recharge When You’re Exhausted

There are some days where you just tossed and turned the night before, and wake up feeling groggy and puffy-eyed. You come in to work and beg for anything that’’ll help you focus and stop daydreaming – luckily, there are some unusual methods to revitalize you and help wake you up a little more without crashing terribly at the end of the day.

1. Drink bulletproof coffee, which is butter mixed with java! Coffee mixed with butter might sound weird, but it actually works! Only with high quality ingredients, but the combination makes you efficient and apparently boosts your brain!

2. Don’t reach for the pastries. That croissant you had for breakfast is probably why you’re in a slump now! Try a small smoothie or something with fiber that will keep your energy evenly keeled rather than a sugar or caffeine spike that will end in a disastrous trash.


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